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A High School Teacher’s 5 Steps To Finding Your Vision

Sometimes it’s seems like we are going through the motions in life and not living out our full potential. With a plethora of distractions in life ranging from social media to cellular device apps, the temptation is to let life fly and pass us by.

Without intentionally finding and executing upon our vision, time can elapse from days to weeks to years to decades. Where did the time go?

Over the past 10 years of educating teenagers in Japan and England, I have found that 5 clear and deliberate steps have served the young people in finding their vision. I hope they can be useful to you. Read More >

5 Steps That Move Men From Ideas to Implementation

In my twenties, I found it was a lot easier to implement my grand ideas. I created a successful clothing business and wrote and performed spoken in packed arenas. I was fearless, I was in my element, I was hungry. Now, in my mid-thirties with more commitments, I often find my ideas dying in my head. When I do implement ideas, five steps ensure I follow through.

These steps have gotten results for hundreds of young people and corporate individuals in workshops in London and Japan… Read More >


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