“Doing the verb always comes before the label of a noun”
– Jay Udeh

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Welcome! I’m Jay Udeh, a Digital Marketing Consultant.

I help companies to use Digital Marketing to increase their client engagement, customers and sales.

From my years teaching as a school teacher I began to see the 19th century Factory system in operation with silent students seated in rows not expressing themselves fully.  I could see that students were not fully engaged in the learning experience. Students with the newest devices in their hands were simply not interested in memorizing facts from old textbooks. This is what gave me my first insight and fascination into digital marketing.

I found that by allowing students to play interactive games on computers and playing youtube clips helped me to ‘market’ the subject in a completely unique way. I believe that the ‘traditional’ methods had gone out of fashion.

I have hosted workshops in the area of personal development to students, corporate workers and other professionals. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing individuals grow and improve.